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Hostels were used to accommodate new Australians. 1950's-1970's
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Name Dropping

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 13, 2009 2:43 am    Post subject: Name Dropping Reply with quote

Just thought I'd mention the people I remember from my time at the hostel (Boxing Day 1965 for the next 18 months). It may jog other peoples memories too.
The numbers in brackets are their rough ages when on the hostel. I was 11, 12 & 13 whilst on the hostel.

Billy Guthrie & Graham Conroy (13-16) Both went to East Hills Boys High
Lyn Carlon (12-14)
Irene & Jim Foyer (16-20) (Scottish)
Marcia Narey (16-18)
Richard (Dick) Wright (18-20)
The Waddells (Scottish) with daughters Mary(17-19), Carol(16-17) & Linda(12-14).
A girl called Ro who was a friend of Mary Waddells and my sister Teresa.
The Wards with kids Barbara, Graham(18-20) Eileen (13-15) & Phil(11-13)
Eileen went to East Hills Girls High and Phil went to Hammondville Primary.
They were only on the hostel from Australia Day 1966 for 3 months although Eileen continued on at EH Girls and continued playing softball for Heathcote Hearts for another year or so. I'm still in touch with her and she lives in Toowoomba.
My rellies - Pam & Dick Ramsay with kids Josie (16-17) & Steve(14-16) . Josie went out with Jed for a while. They only stayed the 2 years and returned to London as my aunty didn't like Australia. My cousin Steve migrated out here on his own some years later and has been here ever since living in QLD.
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 13, 2009 8:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Two of my late son's friends wrote me a lovely little note once.their names were Kim and Janice and do you know all these years later I still have that note.It was very flattering exagerated of course Embarassed but so sweet and I treasure it. Very Happy
Kind regards,
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 02, 2013 3:23 am    Post subject: Great memories Reply with quote

Hello Olly,
great to meet again after so many years!

my goodness I'm gob-smacked to find that you remembered my name and have photo's to prove it. I would have been about 15yrs, in those netball pics.
What fun we had! I remember the Wadell's and used to hang out with Carol quite a bit. Also Jim and Irene Foyer, who later moved into Liverpool.

I went to East Hills Girls and then Liverpool Girls High after we moved out to Hammondville. I hated school in Australia and would have done anything to get out of going. Living on the Hostel in those days was an education and half.
The other names in the list ring a bell, Billy Guthrie, and Lyn Carlon , I will ask my brothers, Andrew & Martin Narey they have much clearer memories from those days than I do, being a couple of years younger than me.. They both still live in Sydney, and after being diagnosed with muscular dystrophy have never married.
I've got some old black and white pics from those days 1964-68 at home in Brisbane and will post them when I get back, I'm in Malaysia till the middle of this year, and having a great time with a bit of nostalga Very Happy

Thanks so much again for your memories and posting the photos

Lived at East Hills Hostel from 1964 till about 1967. My dad died about 2 months after we arrived. Have many poingnant memories.
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